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  • -ABOUT US-

    TreeNet Willy's: Custom Rope Platforms for Elevated Living

    TreeNet Willy's is a premiere, high-end TreeNet experience company focused on making the outdoors more accessible and enjoyable in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Our hand-made treenets, custom rope platforms, spacenets built with top of the line paracord are created to coexist and grow within their surroundings, opposed to being placed in it. By collaborating with nature and the canvas it presents, we create a sense of oneness with the surrounding habitat while also generating a mindfulness of being in the present moment. It's truly amazing experiencing these special time - space creations that bring people from all backgrounds into the same, unexplainable, timeless moment of bliss.

    Our Vision

    One of our primary goals is to offer people an opportunity to enjoy nature in the comfort of their own backyard. TreeNets provide a natural space to clear the mind, allowing oneself to physically and mentally be removed from the rush and stress of everyday life. Hundreds of scientific studies conclude that being in nature does in fact promote creativity, focus, and overall happiness. By creating places that foster a physical and emotional connection with nature, we aim to better the lives of everyone who wants to engage with the experience.

    What We Do

    There are many types of hammock and net installations that TreeNet Willy's offers for rent or purchase. After specializing in permanent TreeNet platforms for over a decade, we've also created many temporary installations to cater to festivals, weddings, and other events that cannot host a permanent hangout area. Below is a break down of the different installations we offer that can help decide which is right for you or your event. Between the large variety of hammocks, framed nets, domes, and chairs, we have something for any application needed.

  • - TREENETS -

    Starting at $4,999

    TreeNets are long-term installations located within a group of trees, consisting primarily of climbing rope and 550 parachute cord. We do our best here at TreeNet Willy's to emphasize and promote sustainable methods for enjoying the outdoors that we all share and love, so we try to create these platforms in a manner that leaves the surrounding environment in tact as much as possible. We pride ourselves on making installations that can be removed years later with no trace of it ever being there.


    Almost all of our our TreeNet installations include some sort of backrest or retaining wall in order to maximize space, comfort, and safety. With hundreds of different colors and patterns to choose from, there is an endless possibility for creativity within any given canvas of trees.

    treenet weaving

    Built On Site

    All of our work is woven by hand to custom fit the area for the best possible results. Depending on the size and scale, this can take quite a bit of time. However, this extra TLC helps us construct installations that can last up to a decade or more, even in the harshest conditions.

    treenet structure

    Wooden Blocks

    We use the term “blocks” for the 6-8 inch wooden sections that protect the trees. All our blocks are stained and made custom to ensure maximum longevity and aesthetics. By wrapping our perimeter ropes around the blocks, we greatly reduce harm of the trees by preventing choking or girdling. Ideally, this allows us to construct these TreeNets and take them down years later with little to no sign of them ever being there.

    treenet anchors


    Depending on the location, anchoring to trees might only get us so far. By creating additional points like boulders, posts, or existing structures such as porches or decks, we are able to create these net installations in a much wider array of locations.

    treenets at festivals

    Festivals / Events

    TreeNets are growing in popularity amongst private event grounds for many reasons. These semi-permanent art installations provide seating, shade, and social centerpieces that bring people together from all backgrounds.


    We don't just try to create one-of-a-kind products, we try to create one-of-a-kind experiences and memories. Set the mood with some solar fairy lights or bring the festival to your own backyard with the UV & RGB lights. We can even add a screen and projector for family movie night!

    UV treenet

    UV Oriented

    Many of the bright colored cords we use are blacklight reactive. This turns the platform into a levitating, glowing, spider web when illuminated at night... too fun!

  • TreeNet Willy's Backyard Net Venue

    Take a look and enjoy!


    Starting at $499

    "Spacenet" is a term derived from the Moab Monkeys, the creators of the massive nets rigged over the Fruit Bowl of Moab. TreeNet Willy's uses the term "SpaceNet" to refer to any temporary net rigged with ratchets or slackline gear. All our SpaceNets come with custom ratchets for set-up and can be shipped world wide!

    Treenet in the Mountains


    Take all outdoor adventures to the next level with our smaller portable SpaceNets. Casual days at the park have never been sweeter!

    Beach Treenet


    Our SpaceNets ship all over the globe and can be used anywhere with solid anchor points. Here you can see the locals of Borneo created a 'Bagong' style platform with bamboo posts to suspend the SpaceNet.

    UV Nighttime Treenet

    UV Oriented

    Let us know if you want to take night time hangouts to the next level with blacklight cords! No extra cost.

    Treenets at Music Festivals and Events

    Festivals / Events

    Many festivals prefer using SpaceNets in that they are easy to use and can be set up without leaving harm to the surrounding environment. These are great for public grounds and locations with many trees but cannot use permanent TreeNet installations.

    Highline Rated

    We double up all our perimeter static lines to ensure maximum longevity and safety. If you'd like something highline rated, please let us know and we'll beef it up even more.


    We also have highline rated SpaceNets for rent in a few different sizes and shapes, so please let us know if you'd like to borrow them for your own use!


    Starting at $999

    One of our newest net installations involve unused trampoline frames. After removing the jumping mat and springs, we clean the frame and use that to anchor the net. Using these trampoline frames removes the need for trees, posts, or other anchors previously needed for hammock setup. Our custom trampoline nets come in sizes ranging from 8-12ft and are priced according to size and complexity.

    Treenets are Lightweight and Durable

    Light Weight & Durable

    One of the greatest perks of the trampoline frames is the light-weight and heavy duty design. Even with the net all rigged up, a single person can easily move the whole installation to a new spot. Without the need of trees or other anchor points, this is the perfect mobile multi-person hammock.

    Treenets at Festivals and Events

    Festivals / Events

    No trees, no problem... 

    Since coming out with this idea in 2019, we've created one of the sweetest hammock villages ever. With the ability to hold over 50 people, our interactive net hammocks glow under UV and come with a shade structure to keep everyone in maximum relaxation while jamming out to the music. 

    Treenets in the mountains


    Whether it's a festival, a car camping trip, or a gathering at the park, these tramp frames are the perfect portable hangout for any occassion where trees are limited. We've created an easy tensioning system so the net is removable and the entire trampoline frame breaks down into small, managable pieces that are much easier for transportation.

    Net vs. Jumping Mat

    Paracord provides a unique surface in that naturally has a little stretch, but doesn't necessarily have the bouncy effect much like the jumping mat of the trampoline. A loose net slowly makes everyone slump towards the center, so we like to make our nets as tight as possible without it having this bounce effect. The paracord weave is also great in that it allows air to blow through, preventing it from being picked up and taken away in heavy winds.

    UV Oriented

    Most of our cords are blacklight reactive making them perfect for night time use. We like spraypaint the legs of the trampoline frames black, making the whole platform look like a levitating glowing web when illuminated at night under UV light.

    Upcycling Old Trampolines

    There are a crazy amount of trampolines that are thown away every year because they have a tear or small hole with the mat even though the rest of the structure is totally fine. We can easily send you a custom hammock to turn your backyard back into the ideal hangout it was intended. Our custom trampoline hammocks range from 8-12ft, so please contact us below if you might want to turn your old trampoline into a next-level net hammock.​

    Unique paracord net dog beds

    Dog Beds

    When we can get our hands on the smaller mini trampolines, we like to make swings or dog beds out of the frames. These mini nets give bigger dogs a comfortable hangout off the ground and provides an unabtrusive, artistic piece for the backyard. Most beds are around 3 ft in diameter and fits medium to large dogs.


    Starting at $99

    One of our favorite spare-time projects includes restoring second hand chairs. Typically we will cut out the remaining seat material, spray-paint the frame, then completely weave the interior. Paracord is rot, mold, and UV resistant so the chairs in theory should be totally fine outside over time. Every set of chairs is completely unique and can be made custom to order.


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