The mystical art of treenets were introduced to me in early 2008, thanks to my cousin ‘Hippy Pete’. Pete and his buddies made these hidden hand-woven platforms hundreds of feet up in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, creating next-level hangout spots all over college campus and the rest of town. My first TreeNet experience was at UCSC, Pete and his roomates had created a massive hangout off the third story of their apartment. One could step right off the porch railing onto the huge rope platform covered with blankets and pillows. This net was made between 5-6 beautiful, massive redwood trees with Christmas lights wrapping up the trunks. I had never seen anything like it before and needless to say, I was totally hooked. At 16 years old, I took this crazy idea to my hometown of Durango, Colorado and immediately started to practice my new skill all over town.


    In early July of 2008, I started my very first TreeNet by myself in the backyard after cousin Pete instructed me on what knots to use and how to get the perimeter set up. Weaving took me about 4 days, as I had to mainly teach myself through trial and error. Once the first net was complete, I had to make more… many many more. My eye then turned to the surrounding Durango area, and I started making ‘guerrilla style' TreeNets all over town. This was the birth of the Fort Lewis College Sky Net overlooking Durango, a spot that hundreds, if not thousands of people have enjoyed over the last decade.


    I made a few nets around Durango for a couple years before I went off to college to CU Boulder in 2010. After 4 years there, I made dozens of nets all over Colorado, especially the Front Range. A few years out of college, floating in and out of work, I decided I didn’t want to blend into society with a 9-5 job and went all in pursuing the dream. After almost exactly 10 years of weaving in June 2016, TreeNet Willy’s: Custom Rope Platform for Elevated Living was officially created.


    I believe it was 2013 when the Moab Monkeys build the very first 'spacenet,' spanning over a highlining area called the Fruit Bowl in Moab, Utah. One of my buddies came up to me at the time and said, "Is this what you do...?" and showed me the video of these guys hundreds of feet up in the air, highlining out to the spacenet and B.A.S.E. jumping out the center exit portal. My mind exploded. This was the first time I realized that there were more people out there making these hand-made nets other than myself, Pete, and his buddies. I finally met up with some of these awesome people in 2017 for the Jagermeister Ice Cold Gig spacenet they were making in Moab old town park.


    Due to this world famous spacenet and the yearly GGBY gathering, many people associate my work with highlining and slacklining. Even though I work with a handful of these guys nowadays, I am one of the few of the net world that did not originate or derive from the slackline community. Over the last few years, I've picked up much more of a colorful and finished style, focussing on the artistic side opposed to the extreme stuff. However, it's always great to link up with these guys and get crazy from time to time!


    At first, I was drawn to TreeNets for the primary reason of valuing the seclusion and solitude of being amongst the trees. I love constantly getting outside and exploring new places and find myself most at home when I can separate myself from everything and let my mind go free in the little world I’ve created. These unique hang-outs foster a calming space for me, not only getting me outside, but helping to create a mental serenity not easily found in everyday life. Nowadays, I enjoy getting this work out there as much as possible so others can experience the same. My favorite moments these days are the ones filled with new creations, new faces, and new places. Whether it’s friends, family, or someone who has never seen anything like it before, there’s nothing better for me than being a part of the shared happiness these nets create.



    William Reynolds V - Owner & Creator

  • -Dr. Johnny Nobles-

    Dr. Johnny Nobles is CoFounder of TreeNet Willy’s and Chief Executive Officer of Almaty Health, a decentralized healthcare insurance company. Dr. Nobles is a partner at Government Blockchain Association and an advisor to healthcare companies. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, research, and previously worked at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Nobles works with healthcare institutions to combine blockchain technology with healthcare. In his spare time Dr. Nobles enjoys traveling to new countries, learning languages, discovering new art, attending music festivals, and white water rafting. Dr. Johnny Nobles and Will met at a music festival and since then, we have been working together to bring the awesomeness of these nets to anyone and everyone so they have a place to enjoy nature, clear the mind, and escape the rush of everyday life.

  • -The Hippies-

    I met the hippies through some mutual slackline friends in our hometown of Durango, Colorado in November of 2017. Shortly after getting to know these guys at one of their local permanent highline spots, I showed them my work, an art form commonly associated with the slackline community. Immediately, everyone wanted to chime in and take this art to the next level. In only a few months of training and practice, these hippies were making private projects and festival installations all over the state.


    Here at TreeNet Willy's, we do our best to cross-train our staff in all stages of the TreeNet process. Every member of the team should be able to quote, design, and construct these custom hangouts all by themselves. We also have access to a consulting network of other experts including arborists, engineers, construction workers, and riggers.

    Marshell Thompson

    New Hampshire

    Marshell or Marshall... depending on how he feels that day, is one of more prolific slacker/highliners in the town of Durango. After going to college at local Fort Lewis, Marshell decided to stay out west for the thing he loves most... that fresh white pow! Living out a school bus every winter, Marshell and his buddy Eddie head up to Alaska for 3-4 months of the year to shred some of the best untouched backcountry lines in the world. You can find many of his adventures and other cool projects on instagram @ Mellomarrr.

    Eli Rogers & Leah Muller

    Nederland & Boulder, Colorado

    Leah and Eli, aka Leali, are your classic hippies. Much of their passions revolve around art, music, and expressing themselves in unique ways. Both of them avidly explore and perform various flow mediums of hoop, poi, fans, dragonstaff, and acro. They both can perform many of these skills not only on stage, but also on slacklines and highlines as well. Pretty sure no one lives in the present moment better than these two.

    Ben Tucker

    Denver, Colorado

    Self proclaimed "best weaver of the team," Ben is our male version of Tash Sultana. With the ability to play almost any instrument, Ben can create a wide variety of music just by himself. After graduating from Fort Lewis in 2018, Ben now spends much of his time traveling and highlining when he's not weaving. You can find many more of Ben's cool adventures on instagram @ mountains_trees_abcs

    Dan Guley

    Lafayette, Colorado

    Wolfgang Cramer

    Pagosa Springs, Colorado

  • -The California Squad-

    Formerly known as Elevated Weaving

    Nick Williams

    Marin, California

    Nick grew up in Marin and currently goes to school at UCSC for Biology. Nick was introduced to these hidden hangouts early in college and was immediately drawn to these high elevation hangouts scattered all over the Marin area. Nick also teaches surfing down in Bolinas during the summer and can be found playing in the ocean when he's not adventuring or weaving.

    Thomas Uppenkamp

    San Diego, California

    Thomas grew up as an avid rock climber in San Diego. After learning the 'ins and outs' of rope, gear, and hardware, Thomas quickly took to the net world and its setting high in canopies of the redwoods. In his free time studying to become a nurse.Thomas currently surfs, climbs, and weaves

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