A Handful of Projects Over the Years:

  • Camaya Bali's Airbnb Nets

    July 2019, I had the opportunity to fly out to Bali and create a handful of handwoven nets for the 4 Airbnb units overlooking the farming terraces of Selat. 10 locals in the area were assigned to help with the projects and we were able to construct 6 incredible net hangouts in the 8 days I was there on site. Between the jacuzzi nets, the upper movie theatre hangouts, and the incredible views, its truly a one of a kind experience.


    If you'd like to stay at Camaya, you can find more information and booking availability here:



  • The UV Sky Tapestry Spacenets

    Over the last year, TreeNet Willy's has teamed up with SpaceAge Slacklines to create a small quiver of UV oriented Sky Tapestry spacenets meant for highline rigging. Similar to Alladin's magic carpet, this spacenet will also be suspended in various places, hundreds of feet off the ground. SpaceAge Slacklines will be the ones rigging and setting up these nets across the nation for various events, so if you'd like to experience one of these high elevation hangouts or rent them for your own event, please contact SAS here:



  • The Sonic Bloom TreeNets

    Sonic Bloom is an electronic based festival based at beautiful Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado. In June 2018, the TreeNet Willy's crew got the opportunity to create one of the first permanent art installations in the middle of hammock city at the festival. With the whole platform illuminated at night and stage 2 about 40ft away, this TreeNet installation became the centerpiece for not only Sonic Bloom, but for all events being held at Hummingbird Ranch.


    June of 2019 we were invited back to another permanent TreeNet installation by the Meadow Stage. This platform consisted of an easy access entry ramp for the kiddos and was a great place to kick back in the shade.

  • Rhythms of Rimba SpaceNets

    The Rhythms of Rimba is an environmental awareness and educational festival hosted in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. For 2018, I sent a couple of SpaceNets over to the event with my buddy Brian Mosbaugh, who rigged them up over a bamboo platform on the ocean for everyone to enjoy. With the leftover paracord, the remaining bamboo sections were filled as an additional hangout area. We were honored to be a part of this event and help promote a sustainable way to enjoy the nature and the outdoors.

  • The ARISE Festival TreeNet

    The ARISE music festival let us create a temporary net for the children's area, providing a shady place for the kids to play and hang out. Per request, we used ratchets for anchors, allowing us to return the grounds to their original use.

  • One Vibration Festival TreeNet

    One Vibration is a small electronic-based festival in Durango, Colorado and was the first festival with a permanent TreeNet installation from TreeNet Willy's. Between the permanent installation and the multiple SpaceNets rigged up across the grounds, these nets have become one of the main attractions of the event. One Vibration 2019 was also the debut of our trampoline framed nets, which are portable and easily moved around the grounds to kick back and watch the music.

  • Jagermeister's Ice Cold Gig 2017

    August of 2017, I met up with a group of fellow weavers, known as the Moab Monkeys, to help them create the first fully suspended theatre platform. This was the first time I met these guys, and was eager to test my skills at the next level. We built a massive SpaceNet platform at the old town park in Moab and took 12 of us about a day and a half to complete. Project leaders Brian Mosbaugh and Scotty Rogers then took the net over the New Zealand and rigged it up high in the mountains overlooking Queenstown, where Modestep performed their newest single at the time, "Higher." This is by far one of the craziest projects I've ever been a part of and introduced me to an incredible net community that I still work with today.

  • TreeNet Willy's Backyard TreeNets

    Lucky for me, I live on the top of the mountain tucked away in a small cabin in the pine forest. My backyard is filled with a handful of large pine trees spaced perfectly to apply my new TreeNet ideas. The first level consists of a 12x20ft square with an entry portal and step leading up into the second level. The second level is similar in size to the first and has a ramp leading up to the third level, which is about 30ft above the ground. The third level then has an exit hole dropping you back down to the main platform. These three TreeNets represent the evolution of my style over the last couple years and give me the perfect canvas to try new things and hone my techniques.

  • Thomas' Backyard Net

    No trees, no problem! By anchoring to the fense and a concrete post, this custom backyard hangout is one of the more creative installations done by TreeNet Willy's. This installation has a full deamcather centerpiece and a matching sunrise-esque wall to add a more comfortable backrest. Masterminded by Thomas, this spot is also the dogs favorite place to catch an afternoon nap as well.

  • The Electric Turtle TreeNet

    This was one of our more difficult projects in that we constructed this in January.... in Colorado. With over 2 feet of snow on the ground, temperatures never peaking above 40 degrees, and the sun setting behind the mountain at 2pm, we worked on and off throughout the month when the weather permitted. We designed this TreeNet to look like a turtle shell, with the lighter greens and blues on the outside sections working toward the center filled with the dark blue/purple cord. All the different cords light up under the blacklight at night, creating the electric turtle shell pattern.

  • The Fort Lewis College Sky Nets

    The Fort Lewis Sky Net was one of the first TreeNets I made around Durango in 2008. Up on the rim trail overlooking town, this net has been one of the most popular and well known local hangouts. Due to the high usage and all the college kids disrespecting and trashing the place, this platform is usually replaced every other year or so. Over the last decade, there have been 6 different net platforms in this exact location, each created in a new way. If you know of this location, please pick up after yourself and treat it with respect so we can all enjoy.

  • Betty's Backyard TreeNet

    Fall of 2018, this backyard project was built specifically for 3-year-old Betty, who of course wanted pink and purple. This TreeNet was designed to have a large main platform with a side crows nest and a custom ladder with easy access for the kids. Our main goal for this project was to make all the holes small enough throughout the TreeNet so that the kiddos little hands or feet will not poke through the platform or backrests. In addition to the TreeNet, we also installed a matching railing to keep the little ones from the rocky edge. We used the same colors and styles that we used for the backrest, allowing the whole backyard playgound area to flow together and keep a nice aesthetic look even from far away.

  • The San Diego Experimental TreeNet

    Here's one of the more colorful and funky TreeNets created by the California team. This area served as the training grounds for new techniques, patterns, and weaves that we like to add to our vastly growing repertoire. This is a great example to show the variety of styles and designs that we can create.

  • The ROYGBIV Spiral TreeNet

    This colored spiral is one of our largest TreeNets to date. This massive 25 ft pentagon holds around 30-40 people comfortably and consists of a central entry portal and 360 degree backrests. This project was so large we ended up asking a bunch of friends to help... and this was the birth of the 'army of hippies'. These hippies ended up placing a PS3, projector, and screen up in the trees, playing Skate 3 and watching movies all night long.

  • The Private Island TreeNet

    Summer of 2018, Marshell and I flew to Lake Memphremagog on the border of Vermont and Canada. We stayed on this private island for the week as we created this custom TreeNet on a cliff overlooking the 30 mile long lake.

  • The Bucket TreeNet

    A 30 minute walk from UCSC campus, the Bucket TreeNet slowly grew throughout the massive oak that supports it. Every weeekend during construction, Nick and Thomas would hike out to the hidden location and camp the night, expanding and experimenting with different ideas and weaving techniques that make this truly a one-of-a-kind place to kick back with friends.

  • Willa's Backyard TreeNet

    Spring of 2019, 9 year old Willa got a TreeNet for her birthday. Constructed out of a large cottonwood tree that shades the back yard, the owners have placed climbing holds throughout the tree for an easy, fun access into the platform. This elevated hangout is the perfect complimentary piece to the jungle gym, tire swing, and trampoline located right below.

  • The Parents Cocktail Lounge TreeNet

    Summer of 2017, my parents built their dream home overlooking the La Plata Mountains of southern Colorado. While helping with the house, my parents told me that they wanted a next-level cocktail lounge in the back patio area. I ended up making them a low level hangout with an amphitheater step entrance, allowing such easy access that even the 80+ year old grandparents enjoy using it.

  • The Florida River TreeNet

    Summer of 2018, we had the opportunity to create a massive hangout overlooking the river. The owners reportedly have had 15 people and 15 dogs up in the platform at the same time. With a projector stand and sheet screen set up for late night movies in their TreeNet, this hangout has become a very popular spot to kick back and relax by the river.

  • The Twins TreeNet

    The Twins TreeNet is another hidden hangout located between two massive redwoods overlooking Marin and the ocean. Spanning over 60 feet off the ground, Nick and Thomas climb up to this rasta colored perch to check out the surf and if its worth heading down to the beach.

  • The Kahnle's Backyard TreeNet

    Here's a summer project from 2016, located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. This was a project done for some family friends and turned out to be one of the coolest projects to date, mostly because of the incredible oak tree reaching up all throughout the platform.

  • The Lightning Pine TreeNet

    The lightning pine tree is a totally unique, massive pine tree on the edge of my family's ranch in Montana. Over the years, my family has constucted a high-end lookout tower on the top of the ridge that we use for catching food every year, so eventually a hunting stand was created close by. This pine tree is a lone wolf on top of the mountain, but has been the victim of numerous lighning strikes over the years. Due to the rough conditions on top of the mountian and all the lightning affecting the tree, almost every branch on the tree comes straight outward from the trunk, then shoots 90 degrees upward, creating the perfect area for a hangout overlooking the valley. One can walk right up the lower braches and sit back into the TreeNet without using hands at all.

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