Since picking up this skilled artform in 2008, I've created over 100 permanent net hangouts all over the world. Below are some of the bigger, cooler projects that represent what we are all about.


    O2 Pinecone Treehouse

    Bonny Doon, California

    January 2020, Nick W. and I had the chance to create a truly one-of-a-kind net hangout in one of the World's coolest treehouses, The Pinecone. Located in the heart of the redwoods, this suspended Airbnb was one of our most unique and favorite projects to date.

    Camaya Bali

    Selut, Bali

    July of 2019, I constructed 6 custom nets for the 5 airbnb units overlooking the beautiful rice terraces of Selut Bali. Camaya is truly one of a kind and one of instagram's top places to visit for 2020.

    Jagermeister's Ie Cold Gig 2017

    Queenstown, New Zealand

    August of 2017 I helped create the world's first fully suspended theatre. Spearheaded by Brian Mosbaugh and Scotty Rogers of the Moab Monkeys, this massive rectangular spacenet was rigged up in the peaks above Queenstown, New Zealand where U.K. EDM band Modestep played their newest single, "Higher."

    Rhythms of Rimba Festival

    Borneo, Malaysia

    September of 2018, some of my work was sent over to Borneo with my buddies Brian Mosbaugh and Scotty Rogers. Rhythms of Rimba is an environmental awareness event, encouraging and promoting a sustainable way of life.

    UV Sky Tapestries

    Durango, Colorado

    Constructed with the SpaceAge Slacklines crew, these highline spacenets are all UV reactive and resemble mandala tapestries when set up. These will be used across canyons and high elevations hangouts all over the world.

    Durango Highline Gathering

    Durango, Colorado

    Purgatory's first annual highline event included one of our triangle spacenets we created with the Spaceage Slacklines crew. "Paradise" is one of the most beautiful highline areas with an incredible view of Electra Lake and the surrounding Animas Valley.

    Sonic Bloom TreeNets

    Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado

    Sonic Bloom was one of the first festivals to let us create a semi-permament installation on the ranch grounds. This TreeNet will last around 4-5 years in this location and continues to be a centerpiece for all events at the ranch including other fests, weddings, parties, and gatherings. Since 2018, we've created a TreeNet on the grounds every year due to their high popularity.


    Boulder, Colorado

    Hosted yearly by The Spot bouldering gym, Slacktopia is a slackliner's paradise. For 2020, we sponsored the event by bringing our sky tapestry spacenets and a couple trampoline hammocks for observers to get their mind blown and enjoy the action.

    The Neuro Net

    The Dome was our first introduction to making something completely aesthetic and not meant for hammock use. By collaborating with String Theory Art Productions and Ed Apples, we were able to create a structure that resembles brain synapses. by adding lasers and UV string, we had a beautiful centerpiece and moving light that added new dimensions to the multicolored wormholes.

    Wiley's Resort TreeNet

    July 2020, we got the opportunity to link up with the best in the craft and create the best possible product we could come up with. This was the first project between The TreeNet Consortuim, which consists of TreeNet Willy's, Elevated Weaving, and Castlenets.

  • -Books, Interviews, Articles, Blogs-

    The Dust Magazine

    Spring of 2020, The Dust Magazine from Moab reached out to me, eager to learn more about 'net' culture and the history behind it. Check out this super fun Q & A interview from the link above.

    Wildpreneurs Book Interview

    Summer of 2019 I was interviewed by Tamara Jacobi for her book Wildpreneurs: A Practivcal Guide to Pursuing Your Business as a Passion. Tamara reached out to me almost immediately after finding my work and asked me a handful of questions about my journey getting TreeNet Willy's officially started in 2016.

    Durango Home and Ranch Show 2019

    In April of 2019, I had the opportunity to be the featured artist of the 25th annual 4 Corners Home and Ranch Show. Each year an artist is picked thats creating something new or unique within the local area. Here's a short article on some of our local work.

    Paracord Planet Interview

    Here's a little snippet interview from one of my main sponsors, Paracord Planet.

    Slackline Media by Brian Mosbaugh

    Here's an awesome insider blog from one of my good buddies that I've had the priviledge to work with on some of the bigger projects over the years. This page has tons of great media and information on other net and slackline projects all over the world including Jager's Ice Cold Gig, Rhythms of Rimba in Borneo, and the majestic spacenets of the Moab GGBY gathering. Definitely worth checking out if you get a minute.

  • Sponsors

    Some incredible companies we like spreading the love to!

    Boulder & Denver Colorado

    We're a proud sponsor of The Spot Bouldering Gym, a place that I fell in love with during my time at CU Boulder. Partnering with Spaceage Slacklines, we're excited to pimp them out with net hammocks of all sorts for events like Slacktopia and Psychedelia.

    Ocean Beach, San Diego

    Started by one of our team members, Telor Goodchap, the Nativity Project is a collaborative Music, Nature and Art initiative that aims to expand the creative boundaries of music and art, in synergy with native flora and fauna. The goal of the project is to contribute to native habitat restoration and preservation through fundraising and volunteer action. The events The Nativity Project hosts are themed on the local habitat in which they are held, with “Flora” and “Fauna” stages drawing inspiration from native plants and animals for their design. The Nativity Project supports a diverse array of musical and performing artists, all with a unified goal, to restore and preserve the land that we all enjoy.


    In alphabetical order:


    Loveland, Colorado

    Electric Forest

    Rothbury, Michigan

    Far Out Factory

    Denver, Colorado

    Meow Wolf's Taos Vortex

    Taos, New Mexico

    One Vibration

    Durango, Colorado

    Rhythms of Rimba

    Borneo, Malaysia

    Roots Rocks Equinox

    Durango, Colorado

    Sonic Bloom

    Spanish Peaks, Colorado

    Gem & Jam

    Tucson, Arizona


    Uvita, Costa Rica


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