Some of Our Bigger Custom Rope Projects:

    Camaya Bali Airbnb's

    July of 2019, I had the opportunity to create 6 unique net hangouts intertwined with the bamboo Airbnb units overlooking the farming terraces of Selat.

    Jagermeister's Ice Cold Gig in Queenstown, New Zealand

    Jagermeister's Ice Cold Gig is a yearly event held in various unique locations around the world, featuring a new artist. For 2017, U.K. electronic group Modestep debuted their new single, "Higher" suspended from a spacenet high in the mountains overlooking Queenstown, New Zealand. I had the privilege of helping project managers Brian Mosbaugh & Scotty Rogers, creating the world's first fully-suspended theatre platform.

    Rhythms of Rimba Festival SpaceNets

    The Rhythms of Rimba is an environmental awareness and educational festival hosted in Borneo, Malaysia. For the 2018 event, I sent a couple of SpaceNets over to the event with my buddies Brian Mosbaugh and Scotty Rogers, who rigged them up over a bamboo platform on the ocean for everyone to enjoy. Environmental events such as this is are a great way to emphasize and promote our sustainable method of enjoying the outdoors we all love.

    TNW & SpaceAge Slacklines UV Highline Spacenet

    Spring of 2019, co-founders of SpaceAge Slacklines, Eli Ellis and Caleb Beavers, who decided to meet up with TreeNet Willy's team to create a next-level, completely UV reactive highline spacenet. This is the first of the sky tapestry series, available for rent of purchase.

    Sonic Bloom Festival TreeNet

    Here's a time-lapse of TreeNet Willy's team hand-weaving the newest permanent art installation of Hummingbird Ranch. Located in the middle of hammock village, this 20 person spiderweb comes alive at night with black-lights. You can find many more photos of this TreeNet under the Project Gallery.

    Private Island TreeNet on Lake Memphremagog

    Here is a time-lapse of an early fall project in 2018, located at the Vermont/Canadian border. We were put up on the gorgeous island for the week to create this custom hangout on the cliffs overlooking Lake Memphremagog, Canada. More photos of this project under the Project Gallery.

    ARISE Festival TreeNet

    August of 2018, TreeNet Willy's team had the opportunity to create a TreeNet for the kids area of ARISE fest. This installation was created with ratchets for anchors, allowing us to remove the installation once the event was over and return the area to its original setting. More photos of this project under the Project Gallery.

  • -Interviews, Articles, Blogs-

    Durango Home and Ranch Show 2019

    In April of 2019, TreeNet Willy had the opportunity to be the featured artist of the 25th annual 4 Corners Home and Ranch Show. Here's a short article on some of our local work.

    Paracord Planet written Interview

    Here's a written interview discussing some more net information and some personal stories with one of my main sponsors, Paracord Planet.

    Slackline Media by Brian Mosbaugh

    Here's an awesome insider blog from one of my good buddies that I've had the priviledge to work with on some of the bigger projects over the years. This page has tons of great media and information on other net and slackline projects all over the world including Jager's Ice Cold Gig, Rhythms of Rimba in Borneo, and the majestic spacenets of the Moab GGBY gathering. Definitely worth checking out if you get a minute.

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