Loveland, CO

    The ARISE music festival let us create a temporary net for the children's area, providing a shady place for the kids to play and hang out. Per request, we used ratchets for anchors, allowing us to return the grounds to their original use. We also placed 4 tramp hammocks around the grounds for people to set up wherever they please.

    Sonic Bloom

    Spanish Peaks, CO

    In June 2018, the TreeNet Willy's crew got the opportunity to create one of the first permanent art installations in the middle of hammock city at the festival. With the whole platform illuminated at night and stage 2 about 40ft away, this TreeNet installation became the centerpiece for not only Sonic Bloom, but for all events being held at Hummingbird Ranch.

    One Vibration

    Durango, CO

    One Vibration is a small electronic-based festival in Durango, Colorado and was the first festival with a permanent TreeNet installation from TreeNet Willy's. Between the permanent installation and the multiple SpaceNets rigged up across the grounds, these nets have become one of the main attractions of the event. One Vibration 2019 was also the debut of our trampoline framed nets, which are portable and easily moved around the grounds to kick back and watch the music.

    Electric Forest

    Rothbury, MI

    Electric Forest is one of the biggest festivals in the nation and a perfect place for our tree oriented culture and lifestyle. We were able to place a small hangout area consisting of tramp hammocks and spacenets that held around 40 people.

    Meow Wolf's Toas Vortex

    Taos, NM

    For summer of 2019, Meow Wolf hosted an immersive interactive art and music festival called Taos Vortex. Held at the local downtown park, we ended up setting a hammock village under the large shaded trees between the two stages. With 5 net hammocks set up, there was enough space for nearly 25 people to kick back and watch the music, art, and performances.

    Super Bud Bowl

    Spanish Peaks, CO

    The Super Bud Bowl is a cannabis oriented event also held at Hummingbrid Ranch. Our TreeNet from Sonic Bloom and was also used as the judge's area for the competition.

    Gem & Jam

    Tuscon, AZ

    This music, art, and gem festival hosted one of our favorite installations, the Neuro Net. With tramp nets on the ground, the viewers can gaze upward into the multi-dimensional world of glowing strings above.

    Far Out Factory

    Denver, CO

    IRL Art holds a yearly collective event in Denver filled with artists from all over the state called Far Out Fatory. For the 2019 event, we had the opportunity to spread numerous hammock hangouts across the event area for all to enjoy. We set up a few hammocks under Photonic Bliss' Light Flower, which provided the perfect centerpiece for everyone to get kick back and get their mind melted.

    Roots Rocks Equinox

    Durango, CO

    Roots Rocks Equinox is a local Durango Festival held at Talking Rocks. This small reggae oriented festival placed 4 trampoline nets in front of the stage where anyone could post up and enjoy the music.


    Uvita, Costa Rica

    Envision is a week long festival located in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. As one of the most immersive festivals in the world, we had the opportunity to create a handful of net installations across the grounds where people could kick back, listen to their favorite music, or check out some inspiring and informative workshops and discussions.

    Rhythms of Rimba

    Borneo, Indonesia

    The Rhythms of Rimba is an environmental awareness and educational festival hosted in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia. For 2018, We sent a couple of SpaceNets over to the event with my buddy Brian Mosbaugh, who rigged them up over a bamboo platform on the ocean for everyone to enjoy.


    Sonic Bloom

    Hummingbird Ranch TreeNet #1


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    Gem & Jam

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    Rhythms of Rimba

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